TOUGH DOG 60mm Suspension Lift Kit *Front Setup - No Steel Bull Bar or With Alloy Bull Bar (Jimny Models 2018-Current GLX & Lite)

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Tough Dog 4WD SuspensionSKU: TD2018601R

Extended Brake Hose Option: Rubber Brake Lines
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Front & Rear Setup:
  • No Steel Bull Bar or With Alloy Bull Bar. 
  • Light Rear Load 0-300kg 
Ideal for vehicles with no constant load.
Rear spring is specifically designed for heavy-duty use on vehicles that have no constant load. (Matching springs with weight is critical to performance. Contact us to ensure this kit is right for you.)

Kit Components

  • Foam Cell Shocks (Front Pair ) FC31001 x 2
  • Foam Cell Shocks (Rear Pair) FC31003 x 2
  • Coil Springs (Front Pair) TDC1001 x 1
  • Coil Springs (Rear Pair) TDC1004 x 1
  • Caster Correction Bush TDUK-063 x 1 Set of 4
  • Rear Panhard Rod TDPR-010 x 1
  • ABS Relocation Kit TDSP-016 x 1
  • Headlight Module Bracket TDSP-017 x 1
  • Crossmember Drop Kit TDSP-018 x 1
  • Front Panhard Rod TDPR-021 x 1
  • Choice of Extended Rubber Brake Hose kit TDBH-401 or Extended Braided Hose Kit TDBH-402 x 1 Set of 4 Lines
Front Lift: 60mm 
Rear Lift: 60mm

Tough Dog’s award winning Foam Cell shock is our best selling shock for all round performance. Whether you head bush on the occasional weekend or for the majority of the year, Foam Cell shocks will handle your application.

The ‘Foam Cell’ that makes all the difference is a micro-cellular foam insert that helps to drastically reduce the effects of shock fade, allowing your shocks to perform better for longer, even on the harshest of corrugations. Cavitation and Aeration are the undoing of any shock absorber. As the shock is worked harder, the oil and gas in the outer chamber begins to mix and form bubbles, lowering the viscosity of the oil. When this aerated oil passes through the valve, there is reduced resistance, stopping the shock form performing correctly. The Foam Cell insert, with its trapped gas micro cells takes up the empty space in the shock normally taken up by air or nitrogen gas. This eliminates the possibility of bubbles forming, allowing the shock to get on with the job with an unparalleled resistance to shock fade.

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