TORQIT Stainless Steel Air Box (Jimny Models 2018-Current XL 5-Door, GLX & Lite 3-Door)

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A correctly functioning airbox on your 4WD is essential for supplying clean air to the engine, optimising the combustion process and preventing engine wear and damage. Combining function with performance, Torqit’s Stainless Steel Airbox for the Suzuki Jimny has been designed for maximum airflow and efficiency. This means a potential increase in power and fuel economy, and total peace of mind when driving through water* and dust.

Torqit’s Jimny Airbox is built to house a flat paper filter 2.3 times larger than standard. Unlike many airboxes on the market, our Jimny airbox uses a raised and tapered lid to increase the total air capacity, and as a result maximise airflow and filtration by utilising the entire surface area of the larger filter.

Thick 304 grade stainless steel keeps the airbox structurally rigid when exposed to heat and water, while four high strength clips maintain tension around the seal and allow easy access to the filter. Manufactured in Australia and built to last the distance, Torqit’s Jimny Airbox offers maximum airflow and performance without compromising on effective filtration to keep your Jimny’s engine in peak condition.

Finish Options:

Stainless Steel
A brushed stainless steel finish adds a distinctive look to the Jimny Airbox, accentuating Torqit’s precision TIG welding and the laser-cut, stainless steel branded logo.

Powder Coated
Powder coating creates a highly durable and scratch resistant finish for an extra layer of protection. Available in satin black, this option ties in neatly with other fixings beneath the bonnet and also features a laser-cut stainless steel Torqit logo.


304 Grade Stainless Steel
The high percentage of chromium and nickel present in 304 grade steel make it extremely resistant to rust, stress, and harsh conditions. For the under-bonnet area which is constantly exposed to high temperatures and water, this heavy duty material is the ideal choice for maximum durability and a long lifespan.

Thick Stainless Steel
Stainless steel up to 2mm thick keeps the airbox rigid and robust. The thickness maintains the structural integrity of the steel during fabrication, and offers peace of mind against cracking and warping when exposed to high temperatures under the bonnet.

Raised and Tapered Lid
Aftermarket airboxes regularly increase the filter size without increasing the volume of the air box, meaning the bigger filter has minimal effect on overall performance. The raised lid on Torqit’s airbox takes advantage of the larger filter by increasing the total air capacity beneath the lid for maximum airflow and filtration.

Flat Paper Filter
Torqit’s Jimny air box uses a flat paper Ryco filter- a surface area which is 2.3 times larger than standard.  Designed and tested in Australia, this filter has undergone in-depth testing procedures to not only meet all OEM standards, but guarantee maximum efficiency and airflow while withstanding harsh Australian conditions.

Integrated Water Drainage Valve
A Donaldson Water Evacuator prevents engine damage by draining out any water which enters the airbox.


Torqit’s Jimny Airbox comes with a full fitment kit and detailed instructions. We recommend allowing one hour for fitment, and an additional 30 minutes if fitted alongside our Suzuki Jimny Snorkel.


  • Premium 304 grade stainless steel
  • CNC folded and laser cut construction
  • Ryco Flat Paper Filter
  • Integrated water drainage valve
  • Four high-strength lid clips
  • High flow hoses and silicone joiners
  • Stainless steel/ satin black powder coated option
  • Simple bolt on installation
  • Five year product warranty**

Recommended: Pair with Torqit’s Stainless Steel Suzuki Jimny Snorkel for maximum results.

*Know your wading depth! While Torqit’s airbox and snorkel are designed to be watertight, the addition of these alone does not prevent water from entering/damaging your vehicle in other areas. Please check your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended wading depth before undertaking water crossings.

** Please note Torqit’s Jimny Airbox warranty does not cover the aftermarket filter. How often the filter nee


As Torqit’s Jimny Airbox is larger than standard, it comes with robust brackets to replace the existing mounting points. A full fitment kit and detailed DIY instructions are included, so the airbox can be installed in approximately 1 hour regardless of whether or not you have previous experience.

We recommend pairing with Torqit’s Jimny Snorkel, which connects to the airbox with larger than standard air hoses and high quality silicone joiners for maximum airflow and sealing. Our Jimny airbox can also be purchased separately as a stand-alone upgrade. If you select this option, Torqit will provide the correct joiner alternative.

We recommend allowing an additional 30 minutes if fitted alongside Torqit’s Jimny Snorkel.

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