OHLINS STX46 Adventure Remote Reservoir Two-Way Adjustable Damping Shock Absorbers (Jimny Models 2018-Current XL, GLX & Lite)

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Öhlins Racing has been a cornerstone of the motorsport, motorcycle, and automotive industries for over 45 years.  Öhlins are a true Motorsport Grade suspension manufacturer based in Sweden, and now offer the Rolls Royce of Shock Absorber for the 2018+ Suzuki Jimny.  

With four generations of this iconic SUV since the start during the 70s, all us weekend explorers out there can agree that the Suzuki Jimny isn’t a SUV for the faint-hearted. Your weekend adventures tend to get rough and muddy, where the tougher the terrain, the better. You know that the best adventures come with the best prerequisites which is why you don’t scrimp on essential products for your Jimny.

Your off-road adventures demand dampers that are built to handle tough terrain, and our new Suzuki Jimny dampers will get you over the bumpiest trails with ease. Because let’s be honest, to worry about if you’ll bottom the suspensions is the last thing that should be going through your mind when it’s adventure time.

We designed our suspension with Off-Road and Rally-raid in mind to put back the excitement in the winding countryside roads and rough terrain. Our suspension gives you better contact with the road, improves sharp turns, and stays stable during hillsides. The two way adjustable damping makes it possible for you to adjust your suspension depending on the road ahead to fit your drive. With more traction and control it’s possible to use larger tires for steeper terrain no matter if you’re going through muddy water or climbing overland. They are also improving the ride comfort in common roads, which makes these products a perfect match!

The dampers are compatible with 0"- 2" lift by using aftermarket lifting springs. 


  • Öhlins ORQ 16/46 off-road technology
  • Fully rebuildable dampers
  • Corrosion salt spray tested (ISO 9227)
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Designed for OEM springs
  • Compatible with longer springs (up to 50 mm)
  • Conventional shock absorber
  • 2-way adjustable, separate compression and rebound adjuster
  • Remote reservoir with integrated bracket mounted to damper
  • Use with original top mounts
  • Conventional shock absorber
  • 2-way adjustable, separate compression and rebound adjuster
  • Remote reservoir with bracket for mounting to chassis rail
  • Dust boot
  • Use with original top mounts


Front Shocks:

Length: 428mm
Material: Aluminium
Oil: Öhlins 1304
Stroke: 139mm
Rear Shocks:
Length: 498mm
Material: Aluminium
Oil: Öhlins 1304
Stroke: 176mm

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