IRONMAN 4x4 Post Registration GVM Suspension Upgrade to 1785kgs - 50mm Suspension Lift Kit (Jimny Models 2018-Current GLX & Lite 3-Door)


Fitment Locations: Ironman 4x4 Capalaba QLD - Unit 1/150 Redland Bay Road Capalaba QLD 4157
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One of the current Suzuki Jimny's downfalls is the low Gross Vehicle Mass rating from Factory with the recommended GVM 'Load' weights stated below:

The Manual Transmission Jimny's kerb weight is 1075kg, plus a maximum of only 360kg of additional 'Load' is legally accepted totaling 1,435kgs. 

Automatic Transmission Jimny's kerb weight is 1090kg, plus a maximum of only 360kg of additional 'Load' is legally accepted totaling 1,435kgs. 

So when you start loading your Jimny up with heavy accessories such as steel Bull Bars, Roof Racks, Extra Fuel and Passengers and Luggage, you fast approach the maximum GVM. allowance.

The point being every Kilogram counts, and it can add up fast!  So for those who love testing the off-road and touring capabilities of the Jimny, and want the benefit of loading up with passengers, cargo and accessories then the Ironman Post Registration GVM Suspension upgrade is for you!  

Original Equipment (OE) GVM: 1435kg Ironman 4x4 GVM Upgrade: 1785kg Additional Payload: up to 350kg

What's included:

  • Front Gas Nitro Shock Absorbers - 12759GR x 2
  • Rear Gas Nitro Shock Absorbers - 12760GR x 2
  • Optional Front Performance Coil Springs - Constant Front Load up to 50kg's- SUZ009B x 1 Pair, or Front Constant Load Coil Springs - Constant Front Load of 50-80kg's -SUZ009C x 1 Pair
  • Optional Rear Constant Load Coil Springs - 0-200kgs SUZ010B x 1 Pair or 200-400kgs SUZ010C x 1 Pair*
  • Extended Brake Hose - BHOSE009 x 1
  • Extended Headlight Sensor Bracket - 1211K x 1
  • Front Crossmember Drop Brackets - IDM009 x 1
  • Offset Caster Correction Rubber Bush Kit 1146RK - 2 Degrees Correction x 1
  • Extended Bump Stops 1219R x 2
  • Foam Cell Steering Damper 3542 x 1 
  • GVM Certification & Registration with Modification Plate
  • Wheel Alignment 

A qualified Ironman Technician will contact you prior to fitment, and will recommend the best setup for your Jimny and requirements.  

All Ironman 4x4 coil springs are designed to provide a safe, comfortable ride while also providing additional ground clearance.

Ironman 4x4 coil springs are CNC cold wound and bar peeled for maximum reliability and consistency, every coil spring is ‘shot-blasted’ to ensure long life, preset to its solid height and load tested to avoid spring sag. All springs are electro-static powder-coated for a gleaming appearance. Available in raised height and perfectly matched to Ironman 4x4 Shock Absorbers.

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