GREDDY Bolt-On Turbo Kit (Jimny Models 2018-Current XL, GLX & Lite)

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Introducing the GReddy true Bolt-On application Turbo Kit.  GReddy is a globally recognised JDM tuning brand, who have had a hand in producing performance products for some of Japans most prestigious hero tuner cars over many decades such as the Nissan GTR, Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7, Subaru WRX, & Honda NSX just to name a few. 

Now GReddy have turned their focus to the Suzuki Jimny, resulting in a top-tier market leading forced induction application for the terribly under powered off-roader that is the Jimny as we know it in factory spec.

Due to the positioning of GReddy's Front Mount Intercooler, the addition of aftermarket Bull Bars are possible unlike other kits on the market. 

Until now the only component that was missing was the availability of a reliable tuning solution for this kit, and now we are able to offer a Stage 1 Factory ECU Remap for the GReddy Kit.  

Please note:

  • The removal of the Factory ECU is necessary to apply the required Map.   Please contact us for delivery details for the remapping process.
  • #8 Spark Plugs are recommended
  • Recommended engine oil - SAE 5W-30 (Low viscosity oil unusable (0W-16, 0W-20)
  • Drilling of the factory oil pan is required
  • Normal washer tank cannot be installed so GReddy Washer Tank SKU: 13596100 is supplied as part of the kit. 
  • Factory Catalytic Converter is replaced with the GReddy Catalytic Converter as part of the kit.
  • For Manual Transmission Jimny's we highly recommend fitting a higher torque capacity clutch kit to ensure trouble free driving.
*The GReddy Turbo Kit is made-to-order so please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery from time of order.

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