DTE PedalBox+ Throttle Controller (Jimny Models 2018-Current XL 5-Door, GLX & Lite 3-Door)

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PedalBox +

10% improved acceleration and confident overtaking

The PedalBox is the original accelerator tuning from DTE Systems and is now available as the PedalBox + with smartphone app. The pedal tuning improves acceleration by up to +10% for all vehicles with electronic accelerator pedal. The PedalBox is available for Turbo Petrol, Turbo Diesel, Hybrid  and Full Electric Vehicles (EV) engines fitted with Automatic Transmissions, Manual Gearboxes, Constant Variable Transmissions (CVT) and EV Gearboxes.

  • High-precision microcontroller with the latest generation DSP technology
  • Secure Throttle System STS with hardware protection for accelerator pedal and engine ECU
  • Developed and produced in accordance with the management system according to national and international traffic law, certified by TÜV Austria
  • CE and ECE certification
  • Available for over 13,500 vehicles
  • PedalBox offers 3 x Driving Modes (CitySport, Sport +)
  • PedalBox + offers 3 x Driving Programs (CitySport, Sport +) with real-time optimisation via the free DTE PedalBox app
  • 7 x fine adjustments for each Driving Mode (21 Settings total)
  • Settings: Keypad Control (PedalBox) and DTE Bluetooth smartphone app (PedalBox +)
  • PerfecTune – Unique perfect calibration and adaptation specific to your vehicle
  • Memory function saves the last settings and fine adjustment
  • Easy installation with plug-&-play power

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 State-of-the-art Multi-protocol Technology


Perfect for any vehicle  – Analogue, PWM and SENT compatible

The multi-protocol technology developed by DTE Systems can optimise up to 4 channels in real time. The PedalBox drastically improves the standard pre-programmed accelerator characteristics of the manufacturer. Turbo Lag and lethargic Gearbox responses is all but eliminated. The driver gets a vehicle upgrade that is sportier and offer more dynamic response from the engine. Thus, there are no more hesitation moments.

 How does the PedalBox work?

Driving pleasure with the right attitude whatever the the driving situation

Modern systems typically suffer from excessive signal and software delay, which is where the PedalBox steps in and is able to unlock the vehicle’s full potential.
What exactly does the PedalBox offer?
The “Throttle Response” curve shows the speed at which an engine responds to the driver’s pressing of the accelerator. Poor response is clearly evident, especially under acceleration.

The curves illustrate how quickly the vehicle responds to the accelerator pedal movement. It’s not about the power that a vehicle has, but how long it takes to release it. Put in another way, how quickly does the vehicle respond to driver input via the throttle pedal.

Small box – great effect

Even in City mode, the response of the vehicle is clearly improved. At the push of a button, two additional programs are available to the driver: Sport and Sport +. The OFF curve depicts the pre-programmed characteristic curve of the manufacturer. Here the PedalBox is switched off and the vehicle is then in the standard throttle tune.

 3 selectable driving modes with 7 optimisation levels each

DTE Systems gives you the freedom to optimise

The PedalBox and PedalBox + provides a  choice of three different fully customisable driving modes: City, Sport and Sport +. There are a total of 21 settings that offers optimisation for your specific needs and driving style. 

Choose your personal driving program

CITY: An improved response especially suitable for urban and bumper to bumper traffic conditions

SPORT: The engine responds more spontaneously for a more dynamic driving experience once the road opens up

SPORT +: An optimal throttle response in the entire rev range suitable for open-road overtaking, towing heavy loads, 4×4 driving and, last but not least, our weekend track racing fraternity.

White: The PedalBox is OFF and the vehicle is in standard production mode

Mode Optimisation: Within each driving program, the response can easily be increased using the (+/_) buttons by up to three further levels (red) or reduced by up to three levels (green) from the middle of the range setting.

 Easy DIY-Installation

Quick and easy 3 step installation

The PedalBox is configured and pre-programmed for your vehicle. Installation success in just 3 easy steps.


Finished! Now the fun begins – enjoy your “new” vehicle.


Unique adaptation and calibration

Individual individual adaptation and calibration for your specific vehicle in three easy steps

  1. Install the PedalBox and turn the key to ignition only
  2. Initiate the PerfecTune function by pressing and holding the Plus and Minus buttons
  3. Press and release the accelerator pedal ensuring it travels all the way to maximum. Ensure the PedalBox displays the full travel through all 7 LED’s

Finished! The PedalBox is now full and adapted, calibrated and all programs are perfectly matched to your specific vehicle.

 The PedalBox + with Bluetooth app control

App control exclusively for PedalBox +

In addition to the keypad, the PedalBox + can now also be controlled with the free DTE Bluetooth app:

  • On and Off function of the PedalBox + via smartphone
  • Selecting the Driving Modes City, Sport, Sport +
  • Optimisation of the 3 Driving Modes with 7 fine tuning settings within each mode
  • Automatic software updates via DTE PedalBox + app
  • PedalBox + and PowerControl X or RX controlled from one integrated app
  • Once adjusted, the memory functions enables the last selected program and setting with the need for constant mobile connectivity

 DTE PedalBox + app

Real-Time optimisation on the move

The DTE accelerator tuning is now available in our online shop as well as in specialist shops. The free PedalBox App is available for download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play.


     Certified extra power with test certification

    Secure Throttle System STS with hardware protection

    The DTE PedalBox and PedalBox + is developed and produced in accordance with the management system according to national and international traffic law, certified by TÜV Austria.

    The PedalBox is equipped with a reliable EMC protection and approved according to the directive 89/336 / EWG (electromagnetic compatibility).
    The PedalBox bears the ECE and CE markings.

     Comprehensive protection for your vehicle

    Full product warranty

    Immaterial of your mode of transport, all our customers are treated equally. We provide comprehensive guarantees for satisfaction, our products and probably most important of all, the integrity of your vehicle.

    Our vehicle warranty

    • Warranty for engine, engine management, electronics and drive-train
    • This is a free warranty without excess payable in the unlikelihood of claim

    Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee
    Install your our quality performance products and look forward to a completely new driving experience. Test the performance upgrade system extensively and then evaluate the effects on consumption and driving characteristics – you will not want to return it!

    Our Product Warranty
    During development and production, DTE focused on the longevity and durability of the DTE tuning products and your vehicle alike. Therefore we grant a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on the PowerControl tuning products from the date of purchase.

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