AVO TURBOWORLD Catless Performance Exhaust Manifold & Naturally Aspirated Tune (Jimny Models 2018-Current GLX & Lite)

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Opions: Catless Performance Exhaust Manifold + Tune
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AVO looked at the performance of the 1.5 liter normal atmospheric engine in this chassis, it became obvious that the factory exhaust was not designed for performance, to say the least!

The first product on the drawing board was a less restrictive exhaust manifold. This “clean sheet of paper” design features 1.75” mandrel bent 2mm thick 304 stainless steel, extra thick stainless steel CNC machined head flange, and the heart of the design is AVO’s exclusive 4 into 1 cast stainless steel merge collector.

In addition, each completed unit is treated to an AVO patented ceramic coating treatment featuring Cerakote thin film material. The key combination to the Performance Manifold is the ECU Tune as the vehicle runs within lambda parameters all the way to redline, therefore meaning that without a tune the Manifold will practically make no difference in power.

AVO adjusts the engine parameters to get the optimal performance out of this 1.5L engine by keeping the AFR and Exhaust Temperatures in a safe and reliable area and combined with less back pressure in the exhaust translates to an increase in engine performance of 11.3 kilowatts at the wheels from stock. The power increase out on the road makes the car feel sharper and more responsive and better than you think because of the power to weight of the Suzuki Jimny.

This AVO Exhaust Manifold & Tune improves the horsepower from the stock figure of 47.3 kilowatts at the wheels to 58.6 kilowatts at the wheels. This is close to a 24% increase in power and the thing that is even more impressive was the 25% increase in torque range from 3000 rpm to 5000rm. 

Note : Vehicle is completely stock except for AVO Manifold & Tune.  Fuel used during testing 98RON.

For a first step on your Suzuki Jimny JB74W the AVO Performance Manifold & Tune Package will truly excite the enthusiasts and when you are ready to experience all your engine has to offer in Naturally Aspirated form the Performance Manifold and Tune is a MUST!.

Please note that the ECU needs to be shipped to be bench Flashed.  To be able to remove the ECU then you must do the following :

Check to see Vehicle has any DTC's

Clear DTC's if there are any

Disconnect battery

Remove the ECU by unplugging loom and undoing 2 bolts

Send ECU to AVO Australia and ensure there is Insurance with Freight

*This product is intended for offroad use only. 

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