BULLET CARS Rotrex Supercharger Kit - Tuning Solution Package (Jimny Year 2018+ JB74W)


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Required for the Bullet Cars Rotrex Supercharger Kit to run successfully on you 2018+ Suzuki Jimny - JB74W. 

Tuning package includes:

  • XEDE Processor - an interceptor style Engine Management System which controls changes in fueling and ignition timing by changing the factory ECU’s load and crank reference input signals to improve the factory tune, specifically to suit an aftermarket exhaust, engine modification or supercharger on vehicles that we cannot tune directly through the factory ECU.
  • Reprogramming of the Factory ECU via the XEDE Processor.
  • 2 Bar MAP Sensor

How the XEDE Works

The XEDE Processor integrates with an existing (usually factory) Engine Management System. The operation of the XEDE is to modify the signals from the Air flow meter / Map sensor and the Crankshaft position sensor before the factory ECU sees the signals. By changing the values of these signals, the resultant outputs from the ECU will be changed.


  • Most factory parameters are retained
  • Cold start functions
  • Idle control
  • Knock sensor functions
  • Closed loop control
  • Limp home operating strategies
  • Fan and Air Conditioner controls
  • Immobiliser function

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